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News & Events
27th July 2015
Free Health Camp was organized in Chitwan Medical College, Bharatpur where 56 children and 156 women got free check up, diagnosis, USG and free medicines

27th June 2015
Our team visited again the same place in Koshidekha VDC in Kavre with pack of utensils and mosquito net for 100 households and mosquito net for 50 households. Mr Abhisek from Mumbai and Mr. Rob from Scotland supported us in this mission, physically and financially

13th June 2015
Our team visited ward no 8 and 9 of Koshidekha VDC in Kavre district with pack of utensils covering 50 households

11th June 2015
Free dental health campaign is organized in elder care home in Kathmandu covering 18 elder people from care home and about 12 from the settlement close to care home

9th June 2015
Workshop carried on discussing about the reconstruction of Nepal after the earthquake

8th June 2015
Our team visited Shree Ajad Lower Secondary School (Public School) in Lagan, Kathmandu and after need assessment, we selected 5 children for scholarship who are very talent and poor and earthquake victims

24th May 2015
Our team visited one settlement in Dhading with supply supports and Tin plates for roof covering 30 households ( This settlement is formed from parts of 3 different VDCs-Gumdi, Fulkharka and salyankot and the settlement name is-Kholakhet

15th May 2015
Our team visited with supply supports in ward no 4 of Agra VDC in Makawanpur district covering 36 households

10th May 2015
Our team visited with supply supports in ward no 8 of Dhawa VDC in Gorkha district

5th May 2015
Our team visited with supply supports for 40 households in ward no 8 of Gumdi VDC in Dhading

3rd May 2015
After massive earthquake, our team was mobilized in Dhading with supply supports covering 3 settlements of ward no 9 of Salyankot VDC covering 86 households

25th April 2015
We organized rafting campaign for fund raise

January 2015
Workshop carried on in different districts for awareness and empowerment of woman and school children (Very bad day for Nepal due to massive earthquake)

May 2014
Organized health camp in Kavre

January 2014
We got some more funds from Nepali friends from Australia and after need assessment; we selected some more children for scholarship

September 2013
Supported stationeries for 150 students in Dhading

May 2013
Organized trainings for micro finance, sustainability and role of volunteers to aware local people in rural areas

January 2013
Selected some more children to provide scholarship in Gorkha and Dhading

December 2012
Hosted workshop to promote roles of youth

September 2012
Workshop carried on for education awareness program

April 2012
Organized workshops for woman empowerment and run health camps

January 2011
Started to provide scholarship for talent and poor students
Progress Reports
Contact Information
COLD Nepal
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Post Box No: 19825
Phone No: +977 1 4265847
Fax no: +977 1 4265847
Australia Contact
80 Wagner Road,
Griffin, Brisbane
Post Code: QLD, 4503
Phone No: +041 1703089
Our Objectives
Community for Local development, COLD/Nepal has been established to work for needy community over here in Nepal for Health, education and woman empowerment. We are a dedicated and diversified team admired to work for the marginalized society.
We have following objectives, on the basis of these objectives we work accordingly:
- To pay more attention to carry on Health Service Research.
- Health Campaign in country sides in Nepal.
- Child focused programs in rural areas in Nepal for their health, education and other basic needs.
- Awareness Programs to save environment and to explore our glorious culture.
- To conduct supportive programs for Civil war victims and orphans.
- To encourage tourists for volunteering in schools and health posts here in Nepal.
- To pay attention for projects aimed to achieve MDGs.
- Financial Aid & Scholarship Programs.
- To support for schools in country side for their poor infrastructure.
- COLD Nepal Conducts programs for raising awareness about HIV/Aids and Other sexually transmitted diseases in rural communities.
- COLD Nepal provides financial aid, scholarship and teacher training in education.
- COLD Nepal conducts skill oriented training for destitute, women and other needy people.
- COLD Nepal Provides homely environment to the orphans and try to make them competent in the society.
- COLD Nepal provides immediate aid like attire, food, shelter for victim of natural calamities.
- COLD Nepal conducts health campaign and distribution of Medicine in free of cost at remote village area within Nepal.
- COLD Nepal implements advocacy programs about health, education and environment in remote village area.
- COLD Nepal conducts anti-pollution activities in different area and tourism sector.
- COLD Nepal implement effective programs for development and empowerment of disabled, elderly, women, children, and marginalized
  people of the society.
- COLD Nepal conducts different activities in view of the importance of environmental education for people, particularly children who will be the leader of the next generation, to think and act toward realizing a sustainable society and environmentally sound lifestyles.
- COLD Nepal conducts its activities to fulfill its objectives under the rules and regulations of Nepalese law.
- To make people aware for education, health and environmental issue in society.
- To strengthen capacities in socioeconomic development so that COLD Nepal can help in improving education, health, and environment
  at community level.
- To improve educational, health and environmental condition of remote, illiterate and economically poor area within Nepal.
- Helpless adults & Children will be taken care of.
- Poverty & discrimination of society will be discouraged.